Wildlife World Hedgehog Barn

Product Description

Wildlife World Hedgehog Barn

  • Interact with Nature
  • Beautifully and stylishly designed
  • Innovative extended porch
  • Opening hatch at the rear for cleaning / inspection
  • Beneficial to the garden
  • Great for education
  • Made from FSC certified wood
  • Colour: Soft olive green
  • Dimensions: 41.5 x 37 x 24.5 cm
£59.95 £62.95
Maximum quantity available reached.
  • AWARD WINNING: New product award winning at GLEE.
  • HEDGEHOG BARN: A beautiful and stylishly designed wooden hedgehog house made from naturally durable FSC certified timber. Carefully designed to suit the needs of hedgehogs and help encourage them into your garden.
  • FEATURES: An innovative extending porch which helps prevent access by predators and makes it easier to clean and store. Plus for thorough cleaning or inspection there is an opening hatch at the rear of the house.
  • LOCATION: Within cover, out of the prevailing wind. Pile leaves or foliage around the house to further camouflage it.
  • INSIDE: Place cut short lengths of dry grass or leaves inside as nesting material.

REMEMBER: Without a safe place to shelter and a reliable food source, hedgehogs are unable to hibernate through the colder months. Clearing out a space for a hedgehog house in your garden can provide a secure habitat where hedgehogs are able to sleep, nest and hibernate without the threat of predators. 

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