About Us

Just Gardening was established in 2021 by David and Bridgette Horrocks who have run a successful online Business supplying gloves for the past 13 years (www.theglovestore.co.uk).

Based in rural East Devon we have to travel a long way to visit a garden centre or DIY shed and it made us realise that thousands of people in the United Kingdom must be in a similar position. The problem is further exacerbated if you love gardening or wildlife but don't drive and have to rely on public transport. We have therefore sourced a range of products which we would use at home ourselves, all of which can be delivered directly to your door. We will continue to add supplementary items as we grow further and if you would like to see a product on the site that we are not listing please get in touch with us using the 'Contact Us' page. We will be happy to consider your suggestion.

Our existing website has been very successful due to the fact that we have provided quality products and excellent service. The fantastic reviews from our Customers confirm this. We intend to continue this ethos with www.justgardening.com and we sincerely hope that you love the products on the site as much as we do!